In the Greek alphabet, "alpha" is the first letter, the beginning, and so we hope the ALPHA program will be for our students-the beginning of a stimulating and rewarding journey of lifelong learning.

ALPHA students attend the program weekly, in place of one academic day in their home schools. The program offers students a wide array of activities and units that develop critical and logical thinking, technology use, as well as research and communication skills.

Each of the five teachers welcomes students from around the district (from each of the six elementary schools). Homerooms, where students meet at the beginning and end of each day, allow for personal contact between students and teachers. 

Students rotate among the teachers in following their daily schedule, which includes blocks of time for creative/critical thinking activities, reflection on learning, and "orbits," which are unit-study times. As they move along in the program, students select their units of study.  The daily schedule also includes times for lunch and recess.

The ALPHA teachers are excited to welcome your student to the program!

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