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Homework Week of 2/13-2/17

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Homework Week of 2/13-2/17
by Melissa Wetzel - Monday, 13 February 2017, 12:22 PM

6th Grade:

Hidden Figures Worksheet was due today, Pre-reading survey (green) due Tuesday, Anything But Typical Definitions (salmon) due Wednesday, AR Test Due Thursday, eValuate Wednesday and Thursday, Friday we will pick out new AR books in the library and have Munch 'n Read

7th Grade: 

We will continue reading and will finish The Giver this week, Permission slips for the movie sent home on Monday and due by Friday, Ch 15-19 Worksheet due Wednesday, Ch 20-23 Worksheet due Friday, AR Test Due Thursday, The Giver Written Test and AR Test due Friday, Friday we will pick out new AR books in the library 

8th Grade: 

2/7: Historical Narrative Guiding Questions Due

2/10: Historical Narrative Rough Draft Due

2/10: Plot Worksheet and Story Map Worksheet Due

2/13: Unit 6 Vocabulary Introduction

2/15: Black History Month Project Introduction

2/16: Choose Person for Black History Month Project

2/16: Kahoot Review for Vocabulary Test

2/16: Grading Period 4 AR Test Due

2/17: Person Assigned for Black History Month Project

2/17: Historical Narrative Final Paper Due

2/17: Unit 6 Vocabulary Packet Due and Test

2/17: Visit Library and Choose Grading Period 5 AR Book