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Homework 12/6

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Homework 12/6
by Emily Weber - Tuesday, 6 December 2016, 12:48 PM

ELA - 

  • Anything but Typical Vocab Quiz #1 on Thursday, 12/8
    • Word List: neurotypical, confluence, validate, typical, self-sufficient, adjudicate, schwa, abstract, chromosome, gene
    • Reminder - Definitions AND Quizlet are on the Moodle
  • Grading Period 3 AR Quiz due Friday, 12/16


No Homework Today.  Students will turn in one Weathering and Erosion Lab of their choice to be graded. Due Thursday, 12/15.

Earth Cycles Post Test will be next Friday, December 16th.  A Study Guide will be handed out tomorrow. 

Social Studies 

No homework today. Field trip permission slips and money are due by this Friday, December 9th. 

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