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10/24/16 6th Grade Homework

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10/24/16 6th Grade Homework
by Amy Meyers - Monday, 24 October 2016, 3:27 PM

ELA: Vocab 5, Exercise 3 due tomorrow; AR Book - read and test is due 11/4; Vocab 5 test Friday; Warm Up Quiz on Friday over this week's warm ups only.  (These mini quizzes will be most Fridays from now on.)

SS: Know that lines of latitude run from east to west and the degrees are labeled north and south; lines of longitude run form north to south and are labeled east or west.  (Students had a hard time wrapping their minds around this - so make sure to understand this concept.)  STUDY!

Math: No homework , but finishing in class practice is encouraged as future homework will be based on this work.

Science: Lab reports should be finished for tomorrow.

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