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8/17/16 Homework and information

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8/17/16 Homework and information
by Jen Kenniston - Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 10:13 AM

Math: None

ELA: Students need to bring in a nut free snack for "munch and read"  in ELA on Friday.


Science:  Please bring in signed parent letter if you have not done so already.


Social studies: Please begin sending the visuals to school with your kids for the Timeline Project. Visuals can be pictures, clipart, drawings, etc.  Please talk with your kids about events that happened early in their lives, such as first steps, first words, etc. I would like for the events on their timelines to be spread out over the years, not just focused on the last few years.

For tonight I want the students to write a two-sentence description of two of their timeline events. One event that they must describe is the date of their birth. What was that day like? Was there anything interesting or unusual about that day? I asked the students to ask you how they got their name. This would be interesting info for their timeline. The other event to write about is their choice. The descriptions of the other eight events will be done in class tomorrow. 



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