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Homework for 5/2

Homework for 5/2
BrownKerry 发表于 2016年05月2日 Monday 06:16

Challenge---all Civil War assignments on the Moodle are due Sun night.  During the week, we will be having our Mock Trial!  Crime Scene, for most of you, begins next Monday.


Regular--There are only a few regular social studies assignments left this week.  Due Mon night, to the Moodle, are the Emancipation Proclamation and Glory assignments.  You will have the class period on Monday to work on them as well.  We will be watching Glory beginning on Tuesday and running through Friday.  You will have daily journal entries you will be doing during the movie, otherwise, no homework.  For some of you, this is you last week of regular social studies!  Green and Gold Level students get to begin the Crime Scene next week!