ABC's of 2D

Homework will be given to each student Monday-Thursday night.  My goal is to keep it to 25-35 mins. per night.  Homework is not OPTIONAL.  I expect students to do their homework neatly and promptly.  The spelling homework will come home on the first school day of the week.  This will provide your family some flexibility to work ahead if you have a busy week of activities.  Otherwise complete one page per night.

Math homework will be sent home on the average of 3-4 nights a week.  This will vary depending on the unit.  Reading is a requirement each night.  Just remember to look at the assignment sheet for the assignments.  If the subject line has “X” that indicates no homework for that subject.  Homework will be due the next school day unless indicated by the teacher.  I know some of the math homelinks will give a return day that is different, but note we do not follow that timeframe.  So, spelling, reading and math will all be due for checking the next school day.



It is the student’s responsibility to record their assignment on the daily sheet.  I will work with the class for a couple of weeks to ensure that this is getting accomplished, but it is impossible for me to do this for each student all school year.  If they do not have the assignments written down please speak to them about their “job” and how to problem solve.  The student is required to record their book and time on the reading log.  Parents are to only sign.  Please think about releasing responsibility to your child.