ABC's of 2D

The students will have special recognition from the office and from me on their special day.  If a birthday occurs over the weekend, the first day back the student will receive their treat at school.  I am requesting that parents NOT send treats to be given out during the school day.  Due to our tight schedule during the day, it is very difficult to carve out 20-30 mins. to have a “mini-party.” In place of the “mini-party” approach, we will have a Birthday Bash at the end of the year for all students-even the summer birthdays.  I have used this method to celebrate birthdays for over 10 years and it is far more enjoyable than a rushed celebration during the day.  More to come on the topic as the year draws to a close. 

       Along the birthday topic, I also request that if you are planning a party for your child that invitations be handled in one of the ways listed below.  This will avoid hurt feelings and placing me in a situation that I would need to explain or try to explain why someone didn’t give another an invitation.

       If invitations are sent to school for delivery:

       *Boy party—all boys receive an invitation

       *Girl party—all girls receive an invitation

       *All students receive an invitation


       *Invitations are mailed not sent to school if you are selecting a few students only.  Thanks!