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    • Welcome Notes

      Welcome to the 3rd Grade website.  Please use the links below to find information about curriculum and class-related activities.

      This website is updated at the beginning of each week (either Monday or Tuesday).

    • Weekly Curriculum Notes

      News from 5/1/17

      Word Study Notes: This week students are learning how use the suffixes y, ly, ily.  See below for more information.

      Math Notes:  We are wrapping up an area theme park project - then moving on reviewing the ruler, Whole inch, 1/2 inch, and 1/4 inch along with other units of measure and the units - what would you use to measure heights, mass, and capacity. For more information on math, contact Ms. Weber at

      Reading Notes:  It is exciting to be so quickly approaching the end of the school year.  To conclude the year we will be discussing Point of View.  This week we will begin with an introduction and discussion of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person.  Then, we will discuss how characters and even readers can have different perspectives (point of view) of the story events. We will have fun reading fairy tales told by different characters.   I am looking forward to this unit.  It is always exciting to see the kids' reactions to the "different" fairy tales. Please continue reading at home!!!  For more information on this course, contact Mrs. Farmer at

      Writing Notes:  For information on this course, contact Mrs. McCord at 

      Science/Social Studies:  Mr. Thompson's class is working on Unit 15 Weather and Climate.  This week we are creating a weather report and forecast from the data we collected last week (including over 7 inches of rain in our rain gauges!) We also are concluding our study of geometry.  For more information on this course, please contact Mr. Thompson at