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  • PHS Guidance

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    Students have selected their course requests for the 2016-2017 School Year and will be meeting with their counselor one-on-one to review their selections.  You can see your child's course selections through the PowerSchool portal under Class Registration.   Any concerns should be addressed with your child's counselor.  No changes will be made after March 11. 

    Courses descriptions and class offerings can be found in the link to the book below.

     PHS Course Book 2016-2017

  • PHS Guidance Department

    The Guidance office is located just behind the front office.  Enter the front doors of the school and walk through the front office.  We are behind the glass wall that connects to the front office.  The office is staffed from 7:00a.m. until 3:30p.m.  For an appointment or to speak with staff, contact Patty Patrick, secretary at (314)-213-8560.

    Counselors are assigned according to students' last name (grades 9-11) and stay with their assigned counselor until senior year.  Counselors assist students with scheduling needs, career planning, problem solving, emotional and social skill building, testing, facilitating student support groups and a wide variety of other student services.  PHS is also fortunate to staff a college counselor who works closely with students to prepare them for the college search and application process. 

    Counseling Staff


    Grades 9-11

    Last Name Counselor Email
    A-Da Alysia Patterson
    De-Hy Brooke Michel
    I-My Anetra Johnson
    N-Sc Mindy Campbell
    Se-Z Patrick Handrahan



    Trudy Steins


    College Counselor

    Michelle Luraschi


    Counselor/A+ Program/Community Service

    Rebecca Krohn


    Registrar- Charlene Mair

    Secretary- Patty Patrick

    PowerSchool Specialist- Kim Miller

  • New Student Registration

    To register at Pattonville High School you must be a resident of Pattonville School District and reside within the boundaries of our district.  

    You will need to provide the following:

    1. proof of residency (a current lease or mortgage statement, a current unpaid utility bill, and a real estate/personal property tax receipt)
    2. your child’s birth certificate
    3. immunization records
    4. any records from previous schools
    5. if your child receives services through Special School District, a copy of the IEP.

    For more information and to schedule and appointment, please contact Charlene Mair, registrar at (314)-213-8051.

  • Transcripts

    Transcripts are offered free of charge.   Current students can obtain them from Ms. Mair in the guidance office by filling out a transcript request card.   Graduated students can contact Charlene Mair, registrar at (314)-213-8051 or

    If you are picking up a transcript, you will need to provide ID.

  • Classes and Registration


    What happens during Registration?




    It seems like the school year just begins and we are already talking about the NEXT school year.  This is necessary due to staffing needs that need to be completed in February.   As staffing is driven based on the classes that your child selects, it is important we begin this process early.  Counselors will begin meeting with students as early as December to help them select courses for next school year.    Begin looking for pre-registration forms and the course book to come home with your child in December or January.   Once your child selects classes, it is vital that they not change.  The master schedule is created and staffing is determined based on the course requests collected from students.

    The process begins on “Stop Day”, was held on January 31. On "Stop Day" we run a modified A-day schedule and teachers use class time to recommend placement for the following year.  The students receive a pre-registration form in 1st hour and carry the form with them throughout the day.  Teachers will sign off on the classes they recommend your child to take next school year based on the student’s performance as of this day.  The student will then go to Homeroom at the end of the day to register for the next year's classes online.  To view your student's course requests for next year, please log into your student's PowerSchool portal.

    After students have completed the online registration, counselors will begin the pre-registration process.    Counselors meet with each student during a three week period to discuss course selections.   Parents can view their child's course selections via logging into PowerSchool.  It is at this time parents are asked to let their child’s counselor know if they foresee a problem with any selections.   

    After all course requests are finalized and staffing needs are determined, the master schedule is built.  Once students are loaded, the schedules are modified based on student need. Schedules are picked up at registration in August.  However, Schedule changes can (and usually) occur right up to the first day of school, so final schedules are handed out before school on the first day.

  • Grade Dates and Credit Info

    Grading Period Dates

    GP1 Ends 9/21/16
    GP2 Ends 11/4/16
    GP3/S1 Ends 12/16/16
    GP4 Ends 2/16/17
    GP5 Ends 4/11/17
    GP6/S2 Ends 5/30/17

    GP1 pick up at conferences (mail remainder) 
    GP2 delivered to student during Homeroom 11/10/16
    GP3/S1 mailed  1/9/17
    GP4 Available in the PowerSchool student portal
    GP5 Available in the PowerSchool student portal
    GP6/S2 Available in the PowerSchool student portal

    Grade Level Classifications

    Grade Level classifications are based on the number of credits a student earns.  

    Grade 9-          0-5.5 credits 

    Grade 10-        6.0-11.75 credits 

    Grade 11-        12.0- 15.5 credits 

    Grade 12-        16+ credits 

    This is based on credits earned as of the beginning of the school year.

  • GPA and Class Ranking

    GPA Calculation

    GPA’s are calculated based on the number of “points” earned.  The majority of courses offered at PHS are in the simple scale.   If the course is an AP, College Credit, Honors or Gifted class, or ir the course is denoted with a (*), the grade is weighted.  Grades are calculated as follows:

    SIMPLE            WEIGHTED

    A=4 POINTS    A=5 POINTS 

    B=3 POINTS    B=4 POINTS 

    C=2 POINTS    C=3 POINTS 

    D=1 POINT      D=1 POINT 

    F=0 POINTS    F= 0 POINTS 


    Class Ranking

    Class ranks are calculated and updated at the end of each SEMESTER (completion in December and June), NOT at the end of each grading period.  Class ranks are based on the number of students in the grade level they are currently classified in and are determined by GPA.  A simple class ranking is based on the 4.0 scale and weighted class ranks is based on a 5.0 scale.  Freshman will not have an accurate ranking until they complete a semester.  The majority of freshman will see a ranking somewhere in the middle of the class (i.e. 245/500) until they earn credit.  Some freshman may see rankings higher if they have successfully completed summer school or have earned Algebra or Modern Language credit in the 8th grade. 

  • PowerSchool Information



    What is PowerSchool? 

    PowerSchool is our online student information system.  It allows you to see grades and attendance in "real time"  or live data.  Parents can have their own account to view their students.  


    How do I get a PowerSchool logon?

    If you have not had a PowerSchool log-on before, you will need to bring a photo ID to the high school to establish your account.  You will be given an access ID and password.  You will use these codes to create your own personalized log in.

    All parent/guardians MUST create a new account.  On the login screen, select “create account” at the bottom of the screen.   During the set up, you will be asked for your student’s access ID and access Password. This feature allows you to have your own userid that you create and allows you to link all of your students with one sign on.  For more detailed instructions, click here.  

    Click here for the parent login screen:  Parent PowerSchool Login


    What can I see on PowerSchool?

    You can view your child’s grades, attendance, A+ information, historical grades and course requests for the next school year.  Important announcements are also listed in the “daily bulletin”.  All grades and attendance are LIVE data, meaning that as soon as the teacher updates, you will see it immediately.


    How do I see grade detail and/or any missing assignments?

    Click on the grade link for the class you wish to view.  This will bring up a detailed list of the gradebook assignments for the class and the grade your child earned for each assignments. 


    I’ve tried calculating my child’s grade and it seems higher that what is showing.  Why is that?

    Assignments are set up into categories which can be weighted differently such as quizzes/tests, homework etc.  These assignments can carry different percentage points towards the final grade.  Each teacher sets up their own weightings and vary by department.   The final exam is weighted according to the guidelines set by each department, usually 10-20% of the total grade.  If you simply add all the assignments and divide by the  total points possible, you will not get an accurate grade.  For questions with specific grades, please contact your child’s teacher.


    How do I email the teachers?  

    Click on the teacher name link which will open your default email program.


    We are parents that live apart.  How can we both get a copy of our child’s report cards or other information?

    Contact the guidance office to get put on the duplicate mailing list for your child.  Currently, this option only allows for duplicate mailings on report cards and any discipline letters.


    If you need additional help with PowerSchool, please contact Kim Miller at 314.213.8051 or

  • Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements

    24 units of credit and 50 hours of community service are required to graduate from Pattonville High School.   Community service hour requirements are pro-rated for those students who did not begin as freshman at Pattonville High School.   Click here for the Community Service website




    COMMUNICATION ARTS ( 4 credits)

    1.0 credit:  English 1

    1.0 credit:  English 2

    0.5 credit:  Oral Communication or Debate

    1.0 credit:  English 3

    0.5 credit:  English 4 or electives


    SOCIAL STUDIES (3 credits)

    0.5 credit:  Themes of WH/US

    1.0 credit:  Modern World History

    1.0 credit:  US History

    0.5 credit:  Government


    MATH (3 credits)

    1.0 credit:  Algebra

    2.0 credits Other math 


    SCIENCE (3 credits)

    1.0 credit:  Biological Science Requirement 

    1.0 credit:  Physical Science Requirement

    1.0 credit:  Science electives


    FINE ART (1 credit)

     (Art, Music, Theatre course)


    PRACTICAL ARTS (0.5 credit)    

     (Business, Family/Consumer Science or Technology)


    PERSONAL FINANCE (0.5 credit)


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION (1 credit) 


    HEALTH (0.5 credit)


    ELECTIVES (7.5 credits)


  • PHS 2015-16 Course Offerings

    PHS has a wide array of course offerings.  Please use the link below to view our 2015/2016 Course Book.

    URL: 1
  • Testing Information

    AP Exams

    AP (Advanced Placement) exams are college level exams  taken at the completion of the AP courses in high school.  Depending on the score, the student may earn college credit. 


    AP EXAMS FOR 2016 WILL BE $92 (If you qualify for free/reduced lunch you can get a reduced rate)


    Click here for more information on AP


    Click here to Register for the AP Exam