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  • PEGS


    Welcome to Ms. Logue's PEGS parent website! Visit us often for updated projects, photos, and deadlines.

    • Pasta Party Winners!

      Congrats, kiddos, for raising nearly $400 for Pennies for Patients, which fights childhood cancer. The class will enjoy a pasta lunch AAAAANNNNDD...they get to dump a plate of spaghetti (and sauce) on Ms. Logue's head! (Soooo looking forward to that!)

    • PEGS Poets

      Students have been experimenting with a variety of voices, topics, and forms. Concrete, or shape, poetry gives writers a chance to communicate visually.





    • Doodle4Google Contest

      In PEGS, we relish the opportunities to reflect on our uniqueness as gifted people and also to show off our creativity in a contest setting. Students participated in Doodle4Google, which challenges K-12 students to work within a theme to generate a doodle for their search page. This year's theme was "What Makes Me...Me?" and it provided great opportunity for students to delve into what makes them unique or special. Here are some of the results:













    • Helping Endangered Animals

      Updated fundraising total:



      Our girls have teamed up to address the issue of endangered animals. Their community service plan includes creating and sharing a play to educate RTS students about endangered animals. They are also planning to collect monetary donations for The Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis. Everyone who donates will receive a piece of origami in the form of an endangered animal. In the photo, the girls are working on tigers.

    • The Shoe Drive

      FINAL UPDATE: We collected 1,078 pairs of shoes!

      Our Shoe Drive team presented a reading of a picture book called Hope Springs about well-building in an African country. They prepared the oral reading and shared with several classrooms in the primary grades. In addition, they connected their project to the characters and happenings in the story in order to educate the kids about water issues. Way to go!

      Gabe, Patrick, and Owen are collaborating on a shoe drive to fund clean water projects overseas. The Shoeman Water Project collects used shoes in good condition, sells them on the secondary market and uses the proceeds to dig wells and provide purification systems to places where clean water is not readily available. Owen created a Keynote project to teach Remington kids about how the Shoeman Project works and the issues with drinking water around the world. Gabe created a flyer to send home, explaining the goals and benefits of the shoe drive. Patrick created a reminder flyer with tabs, so interested kids could grab a tab as a reminder. They are also collecting and counting the shoes and maintaining a shoe drive progress graphic in the hallway.



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    • Deforestation--Save the Trees!

      Quin, Max, and Zach are working on the issue of deforestation. Stay tuned!

    • Animal Rescue!

      Cooper collected items for Retrievers and Friends. Vinnie came by today to pick them up!

    • Eliminating Child Labor!

      Jacob is working with Student Council to declare one day next spring "Stop Child Labor Day!" Kids will be encouraged to wear red and to donate a small fee to a charity (started by a kid!) that adopts villages and provides support necessary to help families avoid sending their kids to work. Stay tuned!

    • Current Literature Studies

      All students are studying Barbara Lewis' What Do You Stand For? They are reading and completing activities related to character education. This fits well with our ongoing study of self-regulation and other social-emotional training.

    • 5th Grade Social Studies

      Using a set of cultural universals, or commonalities, the fifth graders created their own culture, complete with artifacts and a written language! The fourth graders did an archaeological "dig," to unearth the meanings behind the mural drawings, the artifacts, and a "Rosetta Stone."






      Fifth graders observed and utilized a private chat to discuss what they were hearing from the 4th graders.

    • Fourth Grade Missouri History

      After perusing the Hall of Famous Missourians online (the actual hall is in Jeff City at the Capitol), students researched other well-known Missourians, who are NOT yet included. Students wrote their local legislators a persuasive business letter suggesting a candidate that could be added to the Hall of Famous Missourians.

    • Third Grade Social Studies

      Third graders are exploring how people acquire culture. They are reading a variety of books and perusing the web, looking for evidence of cultural practices and the inclusion of children in those rituals, holidays, or events. They are examining how this occurs in several realms, including government, religion, art, music, and learning.

    • Second Grade Social Studies

      ROAM LIKE THE GNOME! Second graders have learned to identify all 50 states on a map AND all the state capitals, too. Why is this useful? Because now they are planning a cross-country trip for a family that includes stops at national or state parks and family attractions.