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  • Welcome to SIGMA

    SIGMA offers services to gifted-identified students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. This website serves as a resource for parents and students, offering information on current projects and posting the results of previous study. It will be updated regularly, so keep checking back with us!


    • Mystery Dinner: BBQ with a Vampire

      The residents of Jugular Springs are trying to figure out which of our eight main characters turned Nora into a vampire





      • Building a Dream House

        Eighth graders are designing their dream homes, which they will build as model homes.



        • Career Fair

          The Career Fair featured a variety of interesting professions, including law enforcement, photography, engineering, teaching, music, and art!





          • Eighth grade architecture--front doors to scale

            Students designed a to-scale front door for their future dream home! Photos of dream home construction are yet to come! Stay tuned!

            • Sixth-Grade Styles Project

              Students created their own "style" of home by combining common architectural elements. See if you can spot them! To see how well you observed, download and read their style write-ups at the bottom.













            • 7th Grade Architecture Final Projects

              7th graders took the role of architect in planning a home for a family with particular needs. Students selected from among three client profiles. They created a layout to meet their needs and also a facade design related to the client's tastes. Click on the attached files to open individual projects from Google SketchUp. 

              Client profiles

              Jesse Thompkins family

              Jesse Thompkins is a single father of two girls, Melanie, 14, and Katie, 11. He was living in an apartment in the city until his wife passed away last year. Now, he is planning to build a home that allows him a lot of quality time with his girls, but he needs an architect that will consider his family's special needs and wants. He would like to have bedrooms for each of the family members, and he needs a room for overnight guests that may come to stay. They need a family room, where the girls can do homework and spend time with their friends. Jesse would like a media room, where he can have weekly movie nights with his girls. They will also use this room for parties and get-togethers with their teenaged friends. Jesse works as a chef in a five-star restaurant in the city, and of course, he loves cooking at home with his girl. He prefers a large kitchen with an island around which they can sit, eat, and work. The family would like a laundry room/mudroom with a door to the backyard, so the family door can get outside easily. Jesse likes a modern style home without much decoration on the exterior. He loves lots of natural light, so windows are a must.

              Lopez family

              Selena and Robert Lopez are newlyweds and want to build a home on some land that belongs to their family. They are combining their two households into one. They prefer a large master bedroom with a master bathroom attached. Robert's mother is elderly and may come to live with them sometime, so they would like to include a place for her that includes a private bathroom. Robert is a guitarist and needs a special music room to practice. He doesn't want to disturb anyone who may be sleeping when he practices at night, so it should be located away from bedrooms. Selena has many craft hobbies, including scrapbooking and sewing, so she will need a space dedicated to this. She needs a long counter for laying out her patterns. They both love the outdoors and hope that the exterior of their house will express their love of nature. They would like a deck or balcony where they can sit and enjoy the outdoors. They do plan to have a large family some day, so they will need at least four bedrooms (not including the master and the mother-in-law suite).

              Megan Whitfield

              Megan Whitfield is a thirty-something professional artist and teacher at the local university. She is not married, but she would like to have bedrooms with private baths in case she wants to rent to local college students. She also needs a large studio space for her art, and it requires a lot of natural light. She does not cook much for herself, but she knows that if she rents to others, she will need a separate kitchen space for her tenants. She will also need a large two-car garage with storage closets for herself and her future renters. Her backyard has a lot of large trees that she would like to be able to see from her studio. She also enjoys sitting outdoors when the weather is nice, so a porch or deck should be included. Her tastes are eclectic. She likes Victorian and modern architecture, and she loves bright colors. She would like to have a long gallery-style living room, where she can hang her art pieces.

            • This topic

              6th grade architecture projects

              Students are working on creating their own "style" of home design. They are required to make three separate home facade drawings that highlight the same three elements in each. They started by identifying their favorite elements and then started designing homes that incorporate them. Stay tuned for more detailed photos!






              • Architecture "Tests"

                Our budding architects are creating their own tests by identifying architectural elements and styles for a poster. The catch? SIGMA provides the photos! What's up next??? The design phase: final project requiring students to apply their new knowledge.







                • Architecture Posters








                  • Election Rally

                    Campaign teams prepared arguments on the issues to share with RTS students at an election rally! This fall, Remington participated in KidsVoting Missouri, a mock election, sponsored by UMSL. The grades 3-8 ballot featured five presidential candidates.

                    Jill Stein--Green Party





                    Donald Trump--Republican




                    Gary Johnson--Libertarian




                    Darrell Castle--Constitution Party


                    Hillary Clinton--Democratic Party


                    • Odyssey of the Mind

                      Eighth graders are participating in a creativity contest called Odyssey of the Mind. It requires students to problem-solve in a variety of ways. Long-term problems focus on creating objects and performances in response to a scenario posed by Odyssey. Spontaneous problems are ones solved on-the-spot that one cannot prepare for specifically. However, we can practice a variety of spontaneous problems to rehearse teamwork and strategic thinking.

                      This spontaneous challenge required students to "wrap," or conceal from view, an odd assortment of items, including a large metal bowl, two dress shoes, three golf balls, a frying pan, a ladle, two cardboard pieces, four pencils, two tennis balls, a CD, and two plastic cups. Each item was assigned a point value, which would be deducted if the item were visible at the end of seven minutes. Students got two pairs of scissors, seven pieces of paper, and some tape to construct their wrappings. After debriefing the first attempt, students earned more points by revising their strategies.



                      • Architecture Elements

                        Students are working their way through learning modules designed to introduce basic residential architecture concepts. They will apply their new vocab to their final projects.

                        • Model Making!

                          Our budding architects are building models of famous buildings: St. Basil's, the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Willis Tower, the Louvre/Pyramid, and others!






                          • Budding Architects

                            The Challenge? Use 10 toothpicks and 2 portions of Model Magic to make the tallest structure you can. It gave us informal opportunities to talk about support, balance, design, and form.








                            • Stockmarket Game

                              Groups will be playing the Stockmarket Game (courtesy of Wells Fargo) for 10 weeks. Students will be researching and selecting stocks for their portfolios.