• Tip of The Week!

    Here is a fun winter time story to work on themed vocabulary!

  • Lesson Plan for Week One!

    The first week of school should be all about getting to know the kids and the routine of the classroom.

    *A quick note on themes... Although it is important to center themes around the children's interests, it is also very important to make sure the themes you choose have many opportunities for children to practice real life vocabulary skills. Themes should be functional, based on the experiences of the child both in and outside the classroom. Therefore a grocery store theme, something the child has contact with often, may be more functional that a dinosaur theme, which the child does not encounter vocabulary from during their daily routine.

    I have attached a list of suggested themes. They are based on research out of NOVA University, suggesting that you start teaching about the child's immediate environment first "My School", then expand outward to "Myself", "My Home", and "My Community". 

    So to help get you started, I have attached the year long theme list and some "My School" lesson plans! Enjoy!

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