• Early Childhood Mission Statement

    To provide a safe, nurturing and positive learning environment. We are committed to creating developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for all children through active play.

    • ECSE Staff Information

      ECSE Staff Information (314) 213-8100


      Trisha Buenemann

      Kathryn Fogarty

      Dorothy Nix

      Speech Therapists

      Kim Bickel

      Trisha Buenemann

      Kate Doveikis

      Jamie Schneiders

      Stephanie Sliefert

      Ellen Serio

      Linda Tyahla

      Occupational Therapists

      Dianne G’Sell

      Suzanne Keiser

      Lisa Schulte

      Physical Therapist

      Carla Kurth

      Behavior Inclusion Facilitator
      Sarah Collins


      Michelle Branch, Executive Secretary

      Cassie Johnston, Executive Secretary

      Mary Krekeler, Director

      Anne Kloeckener, Nurse and Title-Funded Enrollment Facilitator

      Cherie Magueja, School and Family Facilitator

       Amanda Volz, Nurse


      Early Childhood Special Education