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      Emergency Childcare

      The Safe Families for Children Program is a network of host families that help parents who need to temporarily place their children due to unmanageable or critical circumstances. A host family provides a loving sanctuary and serves out of a sense of compassion and love. The goal of the Safe Families ministry is to offer support in a time of need and reunite children with their families in a stronger, more healthy home environment.

      Christian Family Services, Inc. provides foster care for children from birth to preschool age due to crises such as hospitalization or homelessness. Often, foster placements last from one week to 30 days. Placements are voluntary, and the birth parents maintain legal custody and control of the child. CFS tries to help the family through the difficult times and see them reunited as soon as possible.

      The SAINT LOUIS CRISIS NURSERY provides short-term, emergency shelter for children, birth through age 11, whose families are faced with emergencies or who are in crisis. 24 Hour Helpline 314-768-3201 or for administrative assistance call: 314-768-3361.

      Childcare Assistance

      The Missouri Child Care Assistance program provides assistance with payment for child care on a sliding fee basis for
      eligible parents/guardians. The purpose of the Child Care Assistance program is to enable families to gain employment and remain employed. If you need child care because you have a child under age thirteen, or age thirteen or
      older with a special need and:
      • are working;
      • attend school;
      • are in job training;
      • are disabled;
      • are being evaluated for training and/or employment;
      • have a child with special needs and/or;
      • are receiving child welfare services from the Department of Social Services (DSS), Children’s Division (CD), you may contact your local Family Support Division (FSD) office to apply for Child Care Assistance.

      Child Search

      Provides resource and referral information about day care providers in your area. 314-531-1412
      Child Care Aware of Missouri serves as a community resource on child care throughout the state. They help families find quality child care, preschool and after-school programs for their children.

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