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    • Parenting/Pregnancy Services

      The National Parent Helpline® is here for you and is open to parents and caregivers of children and youth of all ages.

      1-855- 4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736)
      Monday through Friday
      10:00 AM PST to 7:00 PM PST

      A trained National Parent Helpline® Advocate is ready to:

      listen to you
      offer emotional support
      help you problem-solve
      support you in creating your own solutions
      encourage you to take care of yourself
      work with you to get connected to local services
      explore new resources for your family
      help you build on your own strengths and continue to be a great parent!
      Online chat and hotline for finding options during pregancy. A counselor can further connect you to a Pregancy Resource Center in your area.

      Pregnancy Resource Center North County
      3394 McKelvey, Suite 102A NW Professional Building
      Bridgeton, MO 63044
      Telephone: (314) 785-0211

      Parents Anonymous® A nationally-recognized model to help nurture confident, effective parents. Support groups co-led by parents and trained facilitators. Parent Partners Parent Partners provides individualized, strength-based mentoring to families with children who have serious emotional disorders (SED) in the following areas: parenting skills development, family health care, child development, social support finding and self-advocacy. (314) 534-9350

      Nurses for Newborns Foundation provides services to babies who are born with medical problems, born to teen moms or born to mothers with disabilities/mental health concerns, or who are born into families who do not have money for even basic necessities. 314-544-3433

      Provides information on many parenting issues. 800-552-8522
      Parent as Teachers Program
      Parenting Support Services for Children birth to 5yrs

      Parent Educators support families by providing personal visits, screenings for children, assistance with difficult issues (i.e. sleeping, toilet training), and developmental information and education. Families are also provided with group meetings and training that help parents in specific areas such as discipline as well as fun activities for their children. PAT can also assist parents in obtaining early intervention for children when there are developmental areas of concern. For more information or to enroll, call (314) 213-8105 or e-mail mwilliams@psdr3.org.

      Teen Pregnancy Mentoring 

      St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents (SLVRP) and St. Louis County Volunteer Resource Parents (SLCVRP) matches pregnant/parenting young women and young fathers with trained volunteer mentors to offer emotional support and parenting techniques during and after pregnancy.

      To be eligible for SLVRP/SLVCRP, pregnant or parenting teens must:
      • Be under the age of 22
      • Have no more than two children (one must be under one year of age)
      • Be geographically located within areas of St. Louis City and County,
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