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      Behavior Expectations

      I believe all children can learn and I hold very high expectations for all students.  Cooperation, compromise, and self-control are integral to a successful learning environment.  To help insure a safe and productive classroom for all students, your child will receive a ‘Daily Report’ in their Home Folder.  The First Grade Progress Report indicators include: Respect, Responsibility, Self-Control, Cooperation, Contributing, Listening, Following Directions, Using Time Wisely, and Organization.  When a child violates a class rule, I circle any relevant indicators and may write a quick summary of what actually took place under comments.  Please be sure to read and initial your child’s daily report.  A copy of the Daily Report follows our class rules. 

      1K Rules 
      1)          Follow directions quickly.
      2)          Make smart choices.
      3)          Use time wisely.  
      4)          Keep your teacher happy.



      -daily praise                                              -extra recess

      -games                                                      -fun

      -positive notes                                         -positive calls home

      -joy of learning                                        -more friends

      -treats                                                      -stickers

      -special days                                             -field trips

      -free time                                                -additional privileges


      1st Offense- Think About It (Yellow Card)
      2nd Offense- Uh-Oh (Red Card) Recess Conference
      Repeated Offenses: Student and/or Teacher contacts Parent 
      *Severe Clause- Immediately sent to principal’s office and parents notified.  
      * Please refer to the PSD Elementary School Behavior Guide for additional information. 
      Special Classes