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  • Super Student

    To be recognized as a Super Student for team 6 South you need to stand out as someone who follows Holman's school expectations, works hard and lifts others up!:)   

    Our December Super Student is John O! 

    Team 6 South has chosen John O’Connell to be our December Super Student!  John represents all of the Holman expectations of being involved, respectful and responsible and for that reason he is a great pick! 

    John is involved at school because he always asks for help when he needs it, participates in class, follows directions and helps others.  John shows respect by being a kind and trustworthy person.  No matter what the situation is, he always chooses to have good character and do what’s right.   John is also very responsible.   He gets his work done thoughtfully and turns all of his homework in.  John was even on the 100% club for both grading periods 1 and 2!


    We really appreciate John and what a great all-around person he is.   

    • 100% Club

      To be a part of the 100% club, students will need to turn in ALL of their work on time, in their 4 core classes for the entire grading period.  Students start fresh each grading period and can make 100% Club up to 6 times!  

      100% Club for GP2

      Eliora A

      Isaac B

      Christian C

      Kyle E

      Kenneth H

      Sydney H

      Aiden L

      Patrick M

      Peter M

      John O

      Alexa S

      Chelsea T