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  • Super Student

    To be recognized as a Super Student for team 6 South you need to stand out as someone who follows Holman's school expectations, works hard and lifts others up!:)   

    6 South has chosen Patrick M to be our October Super Student and if you know Patrick, it’s probably easy to see why.   He always has a good attitude and puts off a lot of positive energy to those around him.   He greets all of his teachers with a smile every day and treats his classmates with the same enthusiasm.   Patrick is also very helpful and reliable.   Academically speaking, he works hard to get his assignments turned in and is prepared for class.   He follows directions in the classroom and participates in discussions.  

    Patrick rocks!   

    • 100% Club

      To be a part of the 100% club, students will need to turn in ALL of their work on time, in their 4 core classes for the entire grading period.  Students start fresh each grading period and can make 100% Club up to 6 times!  

      100% Club for GP1

      Eliora A

      Amirah B

      Christian C

      Savanna D

      Carlos G

      Megan G

      Sydney H

      Te’Shawn J

      Aiden L

      Patrick M

      Peter M

      John O

      Caleb O

      Jovany P

      Marilyn P

      Sandra H

      Joanna S

      Hannah T