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    • The "Classroom Connections" link has pictures of students busy at work and the Holman lunch menu is posted to the left.  If you have any questions for a teacher or curious about our schedule, please use the "About ALPHA" link.
    • Voting has opened for the Think Tank Zoo.  Our first grade students have just discovered a new species!  Unfortunately there is only one opening in our zoo.  We need your help to decide which animal should be added to the zoo.  If you would like to vote, the link is to the left under "Announcements".
    • The votes are in and congratulations to....... Trader Kid's Park!  You received the most votes for best design in our "Artwork in Central Park" contest.  Another congratulations to Midnight Cave for receiving the "Best Presentation Award".  The introductions can still be found under the "Classroom Connections" link.  Then choose 3rd grade.
    • SAGE (St. Louis Association for Gifted Education) will be having their next gifted support group meeting on January 4th.  This session will focus on Enhancing Your Child's STEM Talents. See the link below for more information.
    • SAGE (St. Louis Association for Gifted Education) will be having family game nights through December.  If you are interested in playing games with local gifted families, see their flyer below.
    • GAM's (Gifted Association of Missouri) latest newsletter, The GAMbit, can be downloaded by clicking on the attachment below.
    • GRC (Gifted Resource Council) is preparing for the 2018 Academic Challenge Cup. Click their link below to find out more information or join a team.