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    Welcome to 1JC where we believe that 1.) You can do it! 2.) You are smart! 3.) You belong! 4.) Don't you forget it!

    (Excerpt from the book: Pout, Pout Fish Goes to School)

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                Welcome to 1JC !!


      We are really cruising in 1JC now! We have worked hard on establishing routines and procedures. We have, and will continue to, learn about each other so that we build solid friendships and team work. Hopefully you have been reading the weekly newsletters and checking in on DOJO to see what is going on and how your child is behaving.

      Don't forget that the Fall Festival is coming up! This is a great way to have fun and meet other families within our school community. Hopefully I will see you there!

      Next week, I will be sending home a progress report that details where your child is performing based on content already delivered this year! Success and growth depends on teaching and learning at home and at school. A solid partnership will help them achieve more. Hopefully you find these reports helpful and that they benefit the studying and practice that you can do at home to help your child grow.

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      All the important notes or handouts from me, throughout the entire year, can be found here. Please check here to see if you can find what you area looking for!

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    • Behavior Management

      For the past 4 years, I have been utilizing an online behavior management program called Classdojo. This tracks both positive and negative choices that each child makes throughout the day. Parents are asked to sign up on this program so that they can keep current with what their child is doing at school. Each child's information is strictly confidential and only viewable by the teacher, student, and student's parent that has signed up. Multiple parents are able to sign up separate accounts. I try to stay active and current with tracking points. However, as we get busy, points may not appear quiet as often. As long as you don't see red points, you can assume your child is making choices that are expected of them. I encourage positive choices and award as often as I can. I do want to point out that, expected behavior is not always given a green point, as this is the expectation each day. However, I do award for consistency in showing daily expectations and will make every effort to award those students who continually make great choices.

      Both Green and Red points are aligned to report card expectations for social and life skills. I will try to be as specific as possible, so that you can know exactly what your child was doing. However, once you sign up you will see that you can comment back directly on Classdojo to me if you have further questions. Likewise, I may also send notes about a point given, or the day overall through this same way. Only you can see comments about your child.

      * Please note that I sometimes will send whole class reminders through this as well. This will be for homework deadlines, turning in permission slips, library books due, etc. If you receive a message about one of these and you have already sent it in, please understand that it was sent as a whole class message and not necessarily directed towards you.

      Class Rewards:

              For every 5 green points earned, students will get to choose a ticket that rewards them in various ways. Below are the lists of rewards that they can choose from. Students have responded very well to these tickets and love getting to choose what they want for making good choices.

      15 minutes of choice computer                                Show us a Special Talent

      Show and Tell                                                            Bring a Stuffed Animal

      No Homework for one Assignment                           Read a book to the class 

      Wear a hat in class for a Day                                     

      Wear socks in class for one day                               Sit in a special chair for the day

      Play a board game after work is finished                         

      Get a sweet treat                                                       A Dance break during class

      A Music break during work time

      *For other school wide behavior such as bullying, fighting, harassment, destruction of property, etc. refer to the school behavior guide. Definitions and consequences for these behaviors are addressed as written in the guide. We all follow the Willow Brook Way in every place in the building. We discuss expectations for being PEACEFUL, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE in all areas of school.