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      Here are the important documents that you will get to start our year off. All others will be sent through Classdojo or Seesaw. You must be signed into those accounts.

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    • Behavior Management

                                  Behavior Management Plan

      In 1JC we work on being responsible and following directions the first time asked. We spend the entire first month discussing and writing how we can show the WB way in all parts of our days, as well as all places.  We will use our Social Studies Unit on Citizenship to connect the Willow Brook Way and expectations to ensure more time for modeling and practicing. We also use our Second Step Curriculum to help us learn how to communicate and manage our emotions.

      Using Classdojo, I record positive and negative points based on going above and beyond, being consistent, and/or failing to follow redirections after 2 attempts. The behavior traits I use in Dojo, match the behavior expectations from the Willow Brook School Matrix. If a 3rd incident within the same expectation area is violated (peaceful, respectful, responsible) they receive a red reminder point. For each time after that they get a red point when it immediately occurs. Once they have accumulated 3 red points, a day, for the same behavior, or expectation area, it results in a MMR. If they have incurred 2 points in one area and 2 points in another area, they also receive a MMR, as it is showing consistent misbehavior in multiple areas.

      • When a 2nd red point is given for the same behavior, I write a note in Classdojo to the parent explaining and asking for help with the behavior. For the 3rd or above, I contact them again explaining that they will be receiving a copy of the MMR to help with their discussions at home.
      • For students who are continually earning 2-3 red points a day, I set up a meeting with their parent by phone or in person to discuss solutions
      • If 4 MMR’s are received within a 30-day period, an office referral is written. A parent teacher meeting would have been requested with the 2nd or 3rd MMR received.

      To help minimize the red points, I offer incentives for earning green points. For each 5 green points, they earn a ticket of their choosing to use in class for various activities. The kids seem to really respond to wanting them and tend to work hard for earning green points. They also get to brainstorm ideas for incentives and I include any new ones that are applicable to our daily classroom environment.

      In addition to this, I also follow any behavior intervention plans given to me by SSD.

      I have rarely ever taken away recess minutes for a consequence. However, recess minutes can be taken as last resort if and only if it is logical for that certain child. Students may, however, miss choice activities that they normally would have throughout the day. Instead, I choose something for them, or make them choose a lesser-preferred choice for that day. Preferential seating and grouping is also used.

      This plan matches with our school plan as well. With every Paw Ticket, they earn a green point on Dojo in that area.

      Class Rewards:

      For every 5 green points earned, students will get to choose a ticket that rewards them in various ways. Below are the lists of rewards that they can choose from. Students have responded very well to these tickets and love getting to choose what they want for making good choices.

      15 minutes of choice ipad time                                Show us a Special Talent

      Show and Tell                                                           Bring a Stuffed Animal

      10 minute coloring/drawing break                            Read a book to the class 

      Wear a hat in class for a Day                                    Sit in a special chair for the day                                     

      No shoes in the classroom for the day                     A dance break during class time

      Play a board game after work is finished                  A Music break during work time                       

      Get a sweet treat                                                      

      *For other school wide behavior such as bullying, fighting, harassment, destruction of property, etc. refer to the school behavior guide. Definitions and consequences for these behaviors are addressed as written in the guide. We all follow the Willow Brook Way in every place in the building. We discuss expectations for being PEACEFUL, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE in all areas of school.