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    • Accelerated Reader (AR)

      Accelerated Reader (AR) is a great way for students to build reading and comprehension skills.  Starting in first grade, each student takes a reading (STAR) test on the computer that gives us the student's starting book level.  These are books that students should be able to read mostly on their own.  Please encourage them to read to you, other family members, family pet or even a stuffed animal.  Younger students should read the book 3 times.

      After the students have read their AR books, they get on the computers to take a test about the book.  Your child may take as many tests as they would like but the rules for getting a new book and moving to a level are as follows:

      • Teachers will send students to get a new book when time allows.        
      • Each comprehension test that is taken is scored. Your child has to have a perfect score twice to go to the next number on the color dot. Usually this is a 5/5.  
      • If your child scores more right than wrong they can get a new book but they will remain on the same number.
      • If your child has more answers wrong than right the teacher may send the book back home to read again.  The test can be deleted and they can take it again.

      Every book that your child brings home is NOT an AR book. The children could possibly check out a color coded book from the Library – this is your child’s regular weekly Library book choice. 

      Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

      2014-2015 Library and Computer Lab Schedule