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  • Welcome to Physical Education!

    Thank you for visiting our website. Click on a link to learn more about the PE schedule, classroom policies, special announcements and physical activity opportunities at Parkwood.

  • Meet Mrs. Petke

    • Physical Activity Opportunities

      We are excited to be continually adding opportunities for students to get physically active outside the classroom and develop a healthy lifestyle.

      Please click on the program listed below to get more information.

      • Cross Country (Grades 3-5)
      • Girls on the Run (Grades 3-5: Girls Only)
      • Read, Right & Run (Grades K-5)
      • Soccer (Grades 4-5)
      • Volleyball (Grades 4-5)

      • 2014-2015 PE Schedule

        • Class Policies

          SHOE POLICY:

          We need your assistance in providing the maximum learning experience for your child in helping them remember to wear the appropriate shoes for P.E. It is very important to have the proper shoes because it will prevent injuries. If your child does not have the appropriate shoes, they will not be able to participate and will be given a worksheet to fill out. Please check the PE schedule to see what letter days your child needs their shoes for PE.

          DOCTOR'S NOTE:

          Our priority is every student's safety. We do not want any students participating in PE when they are injured or sick but also know how important it is that each student gets daily physical activity. If your child is injured or sick, please write a note stating that they are not able to participate in class that day. If your child needs to sit out for more than two classes, please send a doctor's note excusing your child from PE. The note must state the date that the student may return to PE or a new doctor's note when the child is cleared for physical activity. Thank you for helping us create a safe and healthy environment.

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