• General

    Hello! Welcome to 2F (Mrs. Foster’s class.)  We are also known as Problem Solving Investigators – PSI for short.  This year we are going to have so much fun learning new things, getting better at being organized, and making new friends.  Please take a moment to read through your packet.  I am confident that we are going to have a fantastic year!

    Please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Email Debbie Foster

    Phone: (314) 213-8419 ext. 3216


  • PSI B.E.E. Folder and Planner


    Each student has been given a PSI B.E.E. (Bring Everything Everyday) pocket folder to use this year and it will not be replaced if lost.  This folder will be brought home each night and brought back to school each morning.  It houses important information as well as homework. Be sure to check this folder each night!!! 


    Each student has received a planner graciously provided by our PTO and will not be replaced if lost. At the end of each day, time will be given for students to enter homework assignments as well as behavior. It is the responsibility of the student to enter the homework assignments in the planner. Please review and initial your student’s planner each night.


    Curriculum Overview