• General

    Hello! Welcome to 2F (Mrs. Foster’s class.)  We are also known as Problem Solving Investigators – PSI for short.  This year we are going to have so much fun learning new things, getting better at being organized, and making new friends.  Please take a moment to read through your packet.  I am confident that we are going to have a fantastic year!

    Please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Email Debbie Foster

    Phone: (314) 213-8419 ext. 3216


  • Classroom Rules and Behavior Policy



    Be respectful of others and yourself.

    KHFAAOOTY(Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.)

    Be kind.

    Follow directions.

    This year in Room 216, we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior and our choices. Your child will have a clip that they will physically move up or down the chart, depending on their choices.  In order to move up on the chart, your child must go above and beyond in his or her behavior choices! The chart below explains how the clip chart works.

    Pink = Outstanding! Case Closed                                                                   

    If you move to Outstanding, you’ll get to decorate your clip and take a happy note home!  Achieving “Outstanding” is a process that occurs over time.

    Purple = Great choice!  Clue #2 Solved                                                                

    As you continue to make good choices, you’ll advance to “Great Choice!”

    Blue = Good choice! Clue #1 Solved                                                               

    Making a good choice will help you move up to the blue section of our chart.

    Green  = Ready to learn = Listen to the Clues                                                            

    You will get to start out each day on “Ready to Learn”. You will move your clip up or down depending on your choices each day.

    Yellow  =  Slow down!                                                                        

    If you receive a warning, you will move your clip down to help you remember to think about your behavior choices.

    Orange =  Think about it                                                                        

    If you continue to make poor choices, you will move to “Think About It”.  You will have the opportunity to stop what you are doing and make plans to make better choices.

    Red = Parent contact = Off the Case                                                                   

    If you still choose to make poor behavior decisions, you will move to   “Parent contact”. You will complete a “Behavior Reflection” for mom or dad to sign.     

    I believe this will be a positive way for students to monitor their choices and will give them behavior goals for which they can strive!