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    WELCOME to the ELL (English Language Learners) website at Holman Middle School.  

    We love parents to be involved in our school and we invite parents to help on field trips, to be greeters for new families here at Holman, and to volunteer in the ELL classroom.

    We hope you can use some of the links below to find websites to help your student with their homework and for parents to learn more about the ELL community in the Pattonville School District. You can use this site to contact me if you have questions about our school or the ELL program.


      Pattonville English Learners Program

      The Pattonville School District  has had an English Language Learners (ELL) program since 1990.  When any student enrolls in a Pattonville school, a Home Language Survey is completed as part of the enrollment procedure.  If a student speaks or understands a language other than English, an ELL specialist assesses him/her to determine English proficiency and need for placement in the ELL program.  Students who are placed in the ELL program receive ongoing instruction in English until an appropriate level of proficiency in English is achieved and support services of the ELL specialist are no longer necessary.  Students are then exited from the ELL program but monitored by the ELL specialist for maintaining academic progress for two more years. 

      The ELL Program teaches language minority students to speak, listen, read, write and listen proficiently in English.  We have students from more than 10 different countries speaking Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Arabic, Swahili and others.  Students learn academic and social English in the ELL classes and in other classrooms.

      If you desire additional information about the ELL program please feel free to contact David Miller at 314-213-8009.