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  • Twain-Truman-Book Battle Club

    Welcome to the Pattonville Heights Middle School Twain Truman Book Battle Club Homepage. Get involved in the Twain-Truman-Book Battle Club to find out that reading has its rewards!

    Explore the Details, Incentives, and Books sections below to learn more about the program. 

    Hurry! The program ends for the year on April 16, 2018, with a special extension for reading all 32 books until May 4, 2018.

    • Details

      Pattonville Heights students, parents, and staff have a unique opportunity to embrace reading for enjoyment this year. Join in the fun of the Twain Truman Book Battle Club, a school-wide promotion of reading novels from three different recommended book lists.

      The first two lists are created by the the Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL). The Mark Twain and the Truman Readers lists each contain 12 books. The Mark Twain nominees are written for everyone in middle school; whereas, the Truman nominees are intended for more mature readers, while they are still appropriate for most middle schoolers.

      The third list of books comes from the Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle. Pattonville Middle School libraries sponsor an annual Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle. A committee creates a list of 20 titles for students to read to prepare for a trivia-style competition over the books. While some of the titles are the same as the Truman and Twain nominees, 8 of the titles are unique to the book battle. So, those 6 book battle titles round out the list of books for the Twain Truman Book Battle Club to 32 titles.

      Students are required to pass an Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz over each book they read in order for it to count toward participation in the Twain Truman Book Battle Club.

      See your English Language Arts teacher or Mrs. Harder for more information. The Incentives section below explains what you can earn for participating.

      • Incentives

        For every title you read off the current Twain, Truman, or Book Battle lists, you must pass the AR quiz. Next, print your score and take it to tray on the library circulation desk. Then, the library staff will display your name with a star for each quiz passed.

        Qualify to stay after school for Chat n' Chew where you get to eat junk food and play games. Read just 2 titles by December 4 to stay after school on December 5, 2017, and read just 3 titles by February 5 to stay after school on February 6, 2018.

        Any student who reads, or has read to them, at least four of the current Mark Twain nominees by March 5, 2018, is eligible to cast a vote for his/her favorite book on the Mark Twain list. Any student who reads, or has read to them, at least four of the Truman nominees by March 5, 2018, is eligible to cast a vote for his/her favorite book on the 

        current Truman list. Students may vote on just one of the lists or on both lists if they read 4 titles from each list. Votes will be tallied, sent to the MASL Readers Award Committee, and compiled with other students statewide to determine the winner for each list.

        All students, parents, or staff who read any combination of 4 Twain, Truman, or book battle books by March 22, 2018, get to sign their name in permanent marker on the library wall! Yes, writing on the wall is approved by Dr. Mosher! And the rewards don't stop here. Those students are also invited to a party on April 5, 2018, during 6th and 7th hours to eat pizza, play games, and chat with other students.

        Plus, any student who reads 4 or more titles in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will get their name engraved on a plaque displayed in the Heights lobby.The final challenge is for students to read any 15 titles off any of the three lists by April 20, 2015. Those students will get their

        Read any 10 nominees or book battle books by April 16, 2018, to qualify to walk to Vago Park on April 23, 2018, for breakfast snacks and free time at the park.

        The final challenge is for students to read any 15 titles off any of the three lists by April 16, 2018. Those students will get their picture on a READ poster to be hung in the Heights Library.

        Anyone who reads 15 titles 2 years while at Heights will earn a gift card.

        And best yet, anyone who reads 15 titles three years in a row will have his/her READ poster moved to the Heights lobby and displayed on the Twain-Truman-Book Battle Wall of Fame.

        icture on a READ poster to be hung in the Heights Library.


        Anyone up for a BIG challenge has extended time until May 4, 2018, to read ALL 30 books. Students who read and pass AR quizzes over 32 titles get to invite up to 3 friends to walk with them up to Quick Trip during school in May. The qualifying student and his/her friends get $20 to spend on snacks and drinks at QT.


        • Books

          Here are the three lists of books for 2017-2018. There are a total of 32 titles on the three lists. Twelve of the Book Battle Books are also either Twain or Truman nominees. Those books are marked with an asterisk * next to them.


          Twain Nominees Truman Nominees Book Battle Books

          All the Answers

          Kate Messner

          *All Fall Down

          Ally Carter

          Brown Girl Dreaming

          Jacqueline Woodson


          Roland Smith

          *Code of Honor

          Alan Gratz

          The Forgetting

          Sharon Cameron

          Book Scavenger

          Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

          *The Fixer

          Jennifer Barnes


          Jason Reynolds

          *The Doublecross

          Jackson Pearce

          *Forget Tomorrow

          Pintip Dunn

          Keep Me in Mind

          Jaime Reed


          Pam Muñoz Ryan

          *The Honest Truth

          Dan Gemeinhart

          The Initiation

          Ridley Pearson

          Fish in a Tree

          Lynda Mullaly Hunt

          I Am Princess X

          Cherie Priest

          The Red Umbrella

          Christina Gonzalez

          *House Arrest

          K.A. Holt

          *The Leveller

          Julia Durango

          Same But Different

          Holly Robinson Peete

          The Only Game

          Mary Downing Hahn

          *A Night Divided

          Jennifer A Nielsen

          Serafina and the Black Cloak

          Robert Beatty


          Mary Downing Hahn

          Orbiting Jupiter

          Gary Schmidt

          *The War That Saved My Life

          Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

          Rebel Mechanics

          Shanna Swendson

          Webster: Tale of an Outlaw

          Ellen Emerson White

          *Red Queen

          Victoria Aveyard

          The Worst Class Trip Ever

          Dave Barry

          *What Waits in the Woods

          Kieran Scott